Thursday, January 10, 2013

With the beginning of 2013, I begin a new blog. This one is dedicated to photography (and other art) with the hope of sharing and communicating. Many times we get the visual but no information about process or individual taste. In the information age there are many more levels to explore.

A good starting point would be a blog I began in January of 2011.

People in my own life such as fellow photographers Mark Burnette and Melissa Stallard exposed me to books that I spent countless hours examining. Influenced by artists such as William Eggleston, William Christenberry, and Lewis Baltz, my eyes sought out symmetry and direct balance.

To me, this type of photography validates personal vision and experience. It rejects the grandiose in favor of the common moment, embracing the idea that our time has value that can be seen and explored.

I am setting off for new visual ground this year, the first episode of which will revisit a very old and, by any standards, spectacular place. What is the nature of 'travel photography?' Does it, as Susan Sontag wrote, become a substitute for ownership? Does the act of seeing through a lens prevent genuine experience? How can one photograph classical or exotic locations without the notion of conquest?

My new body of work is titled Old World and I hope to explore some of these questions. Thanks for reading, Happy New Year, and we will meet again soon.

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