Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long Exposures

This is a cellphone photo of the pinhole projection exposure process. The shutter stays open for about an hour and I try to keep people and other light sources out of the room while it is happening. The prints on paper have different tonal considerations than film because they react to different colors of light. Black and white film is designed to have an equal sensitivity to different colors while paper has separate emulsions in order to manipulate contrast. The dark black tones are more reactive to magenta and the grays are affected by yellow light. As a result, the compliments of these colors (because of the reversal) leave distinct marks on the paper. Greens appear as dark black and saturated blues appear as gray.

I learned that automatic computer screen pop-ups can be more than annoying, they can also ruin an hour long exposure by sneaking into your photograph. Notice the Norton security message on the bottom left hand side?

My next step forward will be to attempt these photos on fiber base paper. It offers the possibility of rich tones and handles sepia toning like a dream. Take care and thanks for reading.

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